Vertaling van mijn boek, van het Nederlands naar het Engels

Bo Dohmen:

Today marks a new milestone for me. I have officially sent in a translated manuscript of a book to the author. The past year, next to writing my Master thesis, I have translated a small book from Dutch to English. The book is written by Raoul Janssen, a Dutch soldier at the Royal Military Police in the Netherlands. He writes about his personal experiences and the truth behind PTSD. His goal is to raise awareness and to provide people with a better understanding of PTSD to make it a better topic of discussion. The translated book will be sent to the publisher for print within the coming months. Translating this heavily loaded book was an intense, but certainly an interesting experience. With my passion for languages, this was something I’ve enjoyed and I’ve learnt a lot in the process. Thank you, Raoul, for your great and endless confidence in me. Learn more about his experiences here:


Bo Dohmen zo super ontzettend bedankt voor al het werk wat je hebt verzet. Zelfs tijdens je afstudeer jaar.